Wonky hole gps marks mackay

WITH Spanish mackerel coming early this year and the perfect fishing weather, it's time to look again at the best spots to catch a feed. This is one of the most sought-after pelagic species and most active in Mackay through the winter months.

The species is commonly caught around the 50cm to 80cm fork length mark, but a good fish weighs about 30kg and measures about cm. The Spanish mackerel are coming on early this season with some of the regular spots starting to heat up. It's early but there are some decent mackerel being caught around Calder Island north of Scawfell Island. Fish being caught around the island are in the kg range, but bigger can be caught at the height of the season.

Whiting Fishing King George - How To Make Your Own Gps Marks Spots

There are also mackerel being caught around the overfall rocks a month before the 'official' start to the season. This structure is exposed at low tide and is one of the closest spots to Mackay Harbour. The best method is to use a deep diving hard body lure and to troll around the rock structure. No luck west of Keswick Island? Head around to the east of St Bees Island in the current line close to the rocks near Aspatria Island. This is another good location to troll with hard lures.

There is a current line to the east of St Bees that runs from north to south on the flood tide and south to north on the ebb tide. Close to the northern beach of Aspatria Island there are two small reefs. At the edge of the western reef, close to the headland of the island, there have been reports of Spanish mackerel feeding in big numbers close to shore. Spanish mackerel can be caught in the current line west of Wigton Islandaround Bailey Island. While fishing in these areas increases your chances of coming home with some mackerel, you want to be there at the right time.

The best time to fish for Spanish mackerel is when the current is running strong. The fish tend to feed close to areas where there is a pressure point.

Snapper is a great table fish and good-sized fish can be caught close to the mainland. Snapper are a bottom feeder so look for them on the fish finder close to the structures. Queensland Fisheries' has a four bag limit with no more than one fish over 70cm in length. The average catch is cm, but the legal length is 35cm. One of the most popular spots that most experienced Mackay fishermen know about is Six-mile Shoal.

This is the edge of the coastline as it drops away into deeper water.

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There are also a lot of Nanagi red snapper at six-mile shoal. Although it is known as Six Mile, it's across a little closer to the mainland 5.The author focuses on the promotion of the concept of ocean observatories. He states that the concept of ocean observatories are still under discussion and the notion of it confused with long term stations.

He emphasizes that though ocean observatory is still in the planning stage, people have Focuses on a the work of marine researchers at New Jersey's Tuckerton field station. The goal of the research to produce a detailed picture of the underwater environment; The use of a torpedo known as a Remote Environmental Monitoring Units REMUS ; The system of instruments on the bottom and The article informs that the Florida International University FIU in Miami, Florida will operate the underwater research laboratory Aquarius Reef Base under its new marine education and research program.

Seafloor observatories enable long-term, continuous, real-time, weather-independent, and multidisciplinary scientific observation and research that will promise major breakthroughs in ocean sciences. It introduces a series of papers published in September The article focuses on the findings of an oceanographic research on board the icebreaking research vessel, Nathaniel B. Palmer in the Antarctic Ocean. The researchers measured the salinity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients and others in the water samples they collected.

It relates observations on the Palmer in the northern Antarctic Peninsula region. The operations were able to obtain complete climate records from a section of Holocene strata. It relates The article discusses the British research ship RRS Discovery and Great Britain's refusal to replace the aging vessel because of increased economic costs and the weakness of its currency. The Discovery is one of two British ocean-going research ships engaged in marine science operated by the Or enter your postal code and country to search by location: optional.

All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Examines the cause of wonky hole, mysterious depressions on the sea floor off the Queensland coast which frequently snag trawling fishing nets. Read the Article Courtesy of your local library Enter a library name or part of a name, city, state, or province. Alternative Energy Exploration. Arctic Drilling. Bank Bailout. Border Walls. Bullying in Schools. Campaign Finance Reform. Carbon Offsetting.

Economic Stimulus Package. Endangered Species.Here's a few GPS postions to get you going in the Mackay Area, Some of the basics, but all proven fish producers and well worth a try. As usual with Fishing more time on the water will result in more fish, Keep a keen eye on the sounder and mark on the GPS any good marks. These fishing hotspots will produce a wide variety of reef fish such as Spanish Mackeral, Tuna, Coral TroutSweetlip, Snapper, Cod and many other great fighting and eating fish.

Always get to know your local tackle shop with the guys able to give some great advice, gear to use and where and when the fish are biting.

Good luck and hope to see you out on the water, or come along a fishing charter with us. We show'll you a heap of fishing tips and skills which helps us consistently catch a good feed. The waypoints above are for those that want to try it on their own.

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wonky hole gps marks mackay

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Reefari Hardline Fishing. Fishing the late afternoon off the fish rich coast of Mackay Australia Experience the game fishing excitement from the east coast of Australia More Great Fishing Pictures.

See our whole Charter Boat Our Reef Charter Boats Reefari charters is proud to introduce its brand new addition to our fishing fleet. For all the latest fishing news from Mackay.Wonky Holes is a self-study training program that shows you step-by-step, how to find and fish Wonky Holes. Wonky Holes are underwater springs that attract and hold beautiful eating reef fish like coral trout and large mouth nannygai.

When travelling out to the reef, do you ever wonder…. Great anglers make their own luck Great anglers find new ground. And no angler can be consistently successful without it.

Wonky Holes shows you step-by-step how to find these honey holes of fish, some that have never been fished! This is it! Over a few weeks or in an 4 hour binge. Anywhere you have internet connection. Mobile and Tablet friendly. Revisit and review for life.

wonky hole gps marks mackay

The entire program is available to you the moment you complete your registration. The program is delivered in video format with easy to follow, actionable steps for you to take. Ryan has identified unconfirmed but likely locations elsewhere yellow ticks.

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In fact we suspect they occur in Florida, Gulf of Mexico and other places overseas. However we cannot guarantee they exist on your doorstep. We give you the tools to break the mould and stand out.

To find your own spots, instead of fishing like everybody else. But you may need to travel to reach areas with the highest potential. Once a member always a member. You can retake Wonky Holes again and again for free including any updates. Yes, really. Ask questions, get clarity, yarn up with Ryan Moody and mix with like-minded anglers in our private community.

There are 3 core training modules that contain detailed instruction on how to find and fish these productive fishing areas.

After 30 years, Ryan Moody has made locating these "needle in a haystack" fish holding gems some as small as 2 m x 2 m into an art form! That's why we share the entire curriculum with you - so you can make sure the program is right for you.

Module 1 is all about strategy.

Townsville Queensland AU GPS Fishing Spots (470+)

Module 2 is the real nitty gritty.Ben Weston 14 Comments. I distinctly remember back in the mid-nineties my old man talking about fishing these small pot holes of gold which lay on the sea floor, but we never actually fished one. Lack of knowledge and a distracted mindset, we never went in search them, preferring to take the easy option. However that all changed after biting the bullet and doing Ryan's Wonky Holes course.

Without this kind of in depth step by step knowledge and the electronics to aid in the search of these honey holes, they are very difficult to find. Since doing the course and achieving some amazing results, I have fielded many personal messages asking for the best sounder setup on the market to make the search easier.

As a Garmin Ambassador, it is not through bias that I say this. Well maybe it is, as I only represent products I have full faith in. I also work at a tackle shop and at the moment Octoberin my opinion, there is nothing on the marine electronics market in direct competition or even close to what Garmin has to offer to the offshore market, particularly in Side Vu.

Using your fish finder to find new ground! It's common knowledge that if a spot hasn't been fished, a variety of fish will come off it. Scroll through the screen shots I have attached to the article of the Wonky Holes and isolated structure of have found in recent months. I also encourage you to take note of the depth they are found in. This Garmin Fish Finder combo makes short work of grinding away finding un-fished country. Fish finder screen shot - This rock accounted for several coral trout over a 20 minute period.

Yes, I agree other brands have proved themselves in the past offshore, Furuno being the stand out performer. But in my opinion they come at an inflated price and still run old school sonar technology. Garmin CHIRP gives you superior target separation making painting the picture clear as day, even to the point of counting individual fish through the water column.

Check out Ryan Moody's free presentation on the topic including Fish Finder screen shots of what to look for - filmed to a strong crowd during a BCF club night. How to make Berley Bombs and catch more reef fish.

wonky hole gps marks mackay

Releasing fish with Barotrauma.The Great Barrier Reef actually starts on land. Using multibeam sonar technology, scientists are revealing hidden worlds, creating exquisite 3D maps of the entire seabed from coastal wetlands, the barrier reefs and off the continental shelf.

Throughout this vast topographical wilderness they uncover intricate biological links and some startling discoveries - including something called Wonky Holes.

Narration: The Great Barrier Reef is never far from peril.

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Crown of thorns starfish, land clearing, water pollution, overfishing, global warming. That's one reason just 5 percent of the Great Barrier Reef was protected in 'green zones' like a national park, until two years ago.

Wonky hole facts

We knew quite a lot about the coral reefs, but much less about the major habitats in between that connect the reefs together. Narration: At more thansquare kilometres, that's a knowledge gap nearly the size of Victoria. For the first time, there's a comprehensive research effort to fill that gap. It's been under way as the green zones expand to protect one-third of the reef's area from fishing.

Dr Peter Doherty: This is a series of voyages of discovery to the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef to find out what the habitats look like, and what plants and animals are associated with those habitats.

In one year, it kept him out at sea for more than three months. Dr Peter Doherty: Welcome to our collections and so this is really only part of the material - the drums over here represent about 2 cruises worth.

Narration: So far his team has processed over specimens. Some of them have never been seen by scientists before. I'll shoot for 10 percent and some proportion of those will definitely be completely new to science.

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When you sum up the range of habitats, and some of the habitats are very species-rich as well, then you end with a tremendous total of biodiversity down there. Narration: A project of this scale needs the collaboration of hundreds of scientists from the CSIRO, marine research centres, and universities.

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Mike Cappo: I'm a fish biologist, and basically my entire life revolves around counting and measuring fish, that's it. I wanted to build a better mousetrap to count and measure fish and I've come up with these baited videos - we don't actually harm anything or disturb anything or kill anything in the process.

We usually set about six at once so you can get tremendous sampling coverage with that many units. It's like having six unpaid divers sitting on the bottom, six spies. Narration: Mike's now working his way through hours of video tape Mike Cappo: You can just about fall off your chair and spill your coffee with some of the things we are seeing - suddenly a sea snake will come into view or a tiger shark or a hammer head will come.Ryan Moody 19 Comments.

Wonky Holes are underwater springs exiting from the sea floor. They were given the name wonky holes by the northern trawlermen who used to lose their gear and sometimes capsize their boats. This occurs as the otter boards dig in, pulling from the outriggers and over she goes.

Hence, they can often be found near trawler wrecks. The wonky hole shown in this sounder series is one of the deepest ones I have ever found at 33 metres.

The main school showing in the sounder series are large mouth nannygai and the bigger blobs around the bottom are red emperor or gold spots.

This can especially helpful to assist with your sounder interpretation of what you see around wonky holes. Some years they can stop running and virtually fill in but can start running again following a good wet season. Some are small and can be easily overfished, but you will generally find that after you catch a few fish off them the rest will spook, which is kind of a good thing. So the secret is to find quite a lot of them so you can move around instead of sitting in one spot waiting for fish to bite again which may take hours.

Wonky Holes are found anywhere from about Bundaberg north to Cape York. You can google them and learn a fair bit about them but finding them, especially on a regular basis, can be very very tricky and time consuming. However, if you like'd like to have a crack at finding Wonky Holes yourself, take a look at the recorded replay of our Wonky Holes presentation.

It was filmed at a BCF Deeragun club night and was attended by over people! Yes they are the flavour of the month right now! Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden.

Branching out in the late 80's to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra!

I suppose these wonky holes would exist over here in Darwin as well? After I finish the ebarra course i might be interested in this. Consolidate my learning first though. Hi Shawn, we will be opening an online course on Wonky holes in the next months and we will be going through exactly how to find them including sounder skills and setting in there.

Be sure to join our Ryan Moody Fishing community by entering your name and email in the box above and we will let you know when the course is released in our newsletter. Click here to learn more about secret spots called "Wonky Holes" […].

Click here. They were given the name wonky holes by the northern trawlermen who used to lose their gear and … […].

All wild caught saltwater fish. Wonky Holes spew out a lot of rubble etc. This in turn attracts soft corals and sea ferns to grow on the surrounding seabed and then comes the baitfish, squid, octopus and then of course predators like red emperor and large mouth nannygai. Wonky Hole sounder screen shots. Large mouth-nannygai - a typical resident of wonky holes.

Watch Ryan's Wonky Holes presentation replay. About The Author Ryan Moody.

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